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"I first fell in love with cycling when living at a boarding school in Massachusetts at the age of 15. Spring was just around the corner and the only way I could explore the beautiful coast of Beverly was on a bike. Cycling gave me freedom and the feeling that there were no limits to what and where I could explore. 

Many years later I decided to make my passion my mission: Create and help every person, young and old, local, and tourists to enjoy the experience of riding a bicycle."

Alex Regino

Founder of Regino Bike & Co.


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For a cyclist, the greatest difficulty on a trip is to take the bike and all the equipment along. This can be tiring and expensive, especially when there is a partner that does not agree with your crazy passion, right?

That's why The Ride Xperience offers you the best bike rental equipment, from hybrid bicycles to elite road bike rentals.


Regino Bike & Co. offers a friendly mobile bike service providing bicycle wash, repairs, and tuneups. You can book online and have your bike picked up serviced and returned in no time.

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