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Colnago G4-X: the perfect balance of the elements

yellow Colnago G4-X

Meet the G4-X: Colnago's newest bike made for gravel racing. It's here to replace the G3-X and takes all the best lessons Colnago learned from racing on roads and off-road in events like CX.

This gravel racing bike draws inspiration from the V4Rs, favored by UAE Team Emirates and UAE Team ADQ. It's designed for top-notch performance off-road, making it perfect for serious riders.

Tire clearance, technical updates and mounting points of the Colnago G4-X

The G4-X can handle tires up to 45mm wide, while the specific width depends on the rim-tire combination. You can fit any kind of gear system on it—electronic or mechanical, single or double—and it works with SRAM's new UDH hanger.

Green Colnago G4-X

It uses the T47 standard for the bottom bracket and has a new seat post clamp to absorb bumps better than the old model. Plus, it has four spots where you can attach things: two for water bottle holders on the main part of the bike, one below on the tube, and one on top of the tube.

The G4-X will come in 3 colors

The detailed curves of this distinctive yellow color want to put you in mind of the dirt road. Another characteristic of this livery is the Colnago logo, with its eye-catching negative.

Colnago gravel G4-X

The shiny green background hosts silhouettes of pine trees in different shades of green, to recall a wooded environment. The Colnago logo on both the oblique tube and the head tube are chrome-plated.

Green Colnago G4-X gravel

A shiny blue bike with a delicate dark blue texture reminiscent of ice and snowy terrain. The logos on both the oblique tube and the head tube are made of chrome paint.

Blur Colnago G4-X



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