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Florida's Bike Trails - Riding part of the Coast to Coast Connector

With hundreds of miles of bike trails all across the state of Florida, there are always opportunities to explore new routes.

Coast to Coast Connector (C2C)

One ride I recently did with some neighbors was the east segment of the Coast to Coast Connector (C2C), riding 76 miles from Titus Ville to Winter Garden mostly on bike trails and bike lanes.

The Coast to Coast Connector is a project that the state of Florida has been developing since 2014. With some gaps in-between many of the beautiful bike trails, Florida began to close these gaps connecting and building additional trails creating one huge bike trail. When the project is complete, you will be able to ride form the east coast (Atlantic shore) all the way to the west coast (Gulf of Mexico). This is a total of 250 miles of bike trails and bike lanes.

Florida Bike trails

We explored the east part of the route beginning our ride at Perish Park and riding on the E Central Regional Rail Trail. This trail went through Maytown, Osteen, and all the way to Deltona. From there we road on the Spring to Spring Trail that connected us to the Seminole Wekiva Trail in Altamonte Springs. When we got to Apopka we jumped right on the West Orange Trail that took us back home to Winter Garden.

A lovely experience that I will definitely do again, but after we explore the west side of the Coast to Coast Connector.

If you would like to check out more of this ride you can watch the video below.

Hope to see you guys on our next ride experience!



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