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Chain Lube: Which one is the best for your bike?

There is an overwhelming variety of lubes to choose from. We will narrow it to three types. Depending on the conditions and what bike you have, it will be easy to decide.

bicycle chain lubes

Types of Lubes

Wet Lubes

Muc-off bicycle wet chain Lube

Wet lubes are for wet and humid conditions, but that doesn’t mean it’s not for dry areas either. Actually, this lube is for all riding conditions due to its high viscosity. This lubrication will last longer and is not easily removed with water. Because of that, it requires less reapplication. So you don’t have to worry about adding lube to your chain frequently. Maybe this is the lube for your bike.

Now keep in mind that because of its viscosity and humid properties, it attracts more dirt leaving your drivetrain pretty dirty in just a couple of bike rides. It might be required to wash your bike more frequently.

Dry Lubes

Muc-off bicycle chain dry lube

Dry lubes are the opposite of the wet lubes. It’s designed to be used in dry conditions, where it shouldn’t find water on its way. If it does, it will wash away pretty quickly. Also because of its properties, it dries out over time and requires frequent reapplications. If not taken care of, you will hear squeaking noises coming from your chain.

The benefit of this lube is that with its low humidity, it attracts less dirt keeping your drivetrain clean for longer.

Ebikes specific lubes

Muc-Off e-bike chain lube

Ebikes have become more popular and accessible and with that, we have seen more products designed for them. Since Ebikes have higher torque loads, it’s best to use a specific lube that will bring long-lasting life to your drivetrain. Similar to the wet and dry lube, it follows the same concept as a regular lube.

Lubricating your drivetrain can be simple and will bring its benefits. It provides a smoother and, quieter ride, and prolonging the life of your bike.



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